Top tips for event organisers using Social Media.

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Bizzabo is an event networking platform and mobile app, supporting the meetings and events industry with technologies that improve the conference experience for attendees, and help conference organizers achieve thbizzabo-networkingeir goals.  The technology integrates social media to build highly-interactive event communities, helping organisers increase engagement, sponsorship revenue and brand awareness.

Alon Alroy, Co-Founder, CMO and BizDev of Bizzabo, manages the U.S. operations and devise all aspects related to marketing, business development, strategy and sales. When asked what were his top five predictions for event technology and what impact social media may have upon this for the next 12 to 18 months he replied with:

  • Integrated platforms.  There is currently inflation in event tech products. In order to keep the simplicity we’re going to see more integrated products to make the overall experience more streamlined.
  • Data, data, data.  So much data exists and it can be easily obtained on any deliverable the event organizer chooses.   Organizers will find ways to measure the ROI for their event spend using data-rich information.
  • Wearables.  Wearables will change events forever, as we’ve already started to see with the Apple Watch.  Whether it be push notifications, or making payments and thus event-ticketing easier, tech wearables like the Apple Watch will make event technology ever more accessible.
  • Event tech in the cloud.  Event planners’ binders and notebooks will begin to disappear as everything will be managed from device to device, all from the lovely cloud.
  • Beacons.  The popularity of beacons have been on the rise and will continue to be.  In the event space they are and will increasingly be valuable to the attendee engagement process and monetization for events.

He was also asked what his top overall five tips for business event organisers were, he responded with:

  • Set goals. Events typically make up around 25% of marketing budgets. That’s a significant investment particularly for SMBs and ones just starting their journey; make sure you know what that investment is yielding the company.  This requires giving your event measurable goals and having the ability to analyse said goals. No matter what the calculations say in the end, you’ll have rich data insights into how to improve for the future.
  • Engage. Meaningful engagement with attendees. Your attendees are taking time away from their offices and family in order to attend, learn and network at your event. Invest time and thought into providing an inspiring, engaging and memorable experience
  • Make Data Driven Decisions.  The range of technology and analytical tools available to event planners means it’s absolutely necessary to be collecting data and feedback from attendees, sponsors, etc. and then making informed decisions based on these insights.
  • Build a community.  Creating communities where attendees can connect not only gives them the opportunity to create real business relationships, but it, in turn, can boost the social prowess of your event through organic word of mouth.
  • Increase ROI for sponsors.  Sponsor don’t pay big bucks for the fun of it- they expect to see results that prove their budget was well spent.  This means giving sponsors the opportunity to truly engage with your attendees is essential- incorporating them into networking or other engagement platforms can help accomplish this.

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