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How can AOIFE help?

Our Network - Benefiting the Arts Sector


We lobby locally, regionally, nationally for festival and event funding

Sector Leaders


Stay Informed

We bring you the latest sector updates via Newsletters, lnstagram, Facebook and exclusive Irish Festival and Events Group.

Nationwide Training

We have a nationwide advice clinic, which visits your local region providing the practical skills you need to run your event.

Safe-Guarding our Sector

We support the National Campaign for the Arts and other umbrella groups.

Arts Community

You have cross marketing and networking with industry peers

Our work - benefiting the sector

  • We are lobbying for the reform of the insurance industry.
  • We work to ensure that Multi-Disciplinary Arts Festival and small festival grants continue.
  • We continue to retain Leader support at Regional Level for festival and events.
  • We successfully retain marketing support from agencies to be made available to the smaller festivals with regional impact.
  • We engage and lobby on behalf of the sector with key government departments north and south.
  • We offer training to all of you, with over 7,000 taking advantage of this during our 25 years of service to the festival and events industry.
  • We travel to all the counties in Ireland to meet with festival organisers/producers/volunteers.
  • We work with local authorities to ensure they understand your needs.
  • We offer an outstanding low cost insurance scheme to our members through our partner Insurance.
  • Our member news (ezine) is communicated to over 5,000 sector contacts a year.
  • We strongly support the National Campaign for the Arts along with a number of other umbrella groups.
  • We regularly update our website with useful standard operating procedure templates for our members to download.
  • We manage the Ireland Hub for the EU commission sponsored festival awards program.
  • We maintain on-going research.
  • We run a series of annual themed training seminars for members
  • Bespoke training seminars Nationwide
  • Professional mentoring for members in the areas of sponsorship, insurance, volunteers, social media, production and more.
  • We continue to stress to the leaders of the business, hospitality trade and local authorities the importance, value and economic impact of what our sector archives and its impact on the community in general.