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AOIFE Seeks Voluntary Regional Officers! Deadline extended to end of March!
Date: Feb 27, 2015

As part of a campaign to engage and develop more cluster activity and networking exchanges at ground level, AOIFE is seeking Regional Officers to fulfil a number of exciting voluntary roles. 

AOIFE Regional Officers will be required to:

  • Organise and deliver the AOIFE Membership programmes to attract new participants at all levels and create pathways for participation of the sector in their area.
  • Physically make personal contact with the key players of each not for profit festival and cultural event in their geographical area to encourage them to A) Participate and B) Join the Network.
  • Provide to the designated person in the secretariat, names and addresses of groups or people who should be posted membership packs or email addresses of persons that should be included in Ezine lists.
  • Create, host and co – organise at least one Annual Regional Meeting for the Sector (Members and NON) in conjunction with the Secretariat.
  • Monitor local print, radio and digital media for new events and leads.
  • Promote and increase awareness AOIFE to the players in your geographical area.
  • Assist the Secretariat in liaising or collecting material, input or views from the Membership in your area.
  • Provide the Membership Sub Committee with concise monthly progress reports relating to agreed quarterly and annual work programme scheduling.
  • Establish and maintain effective partnerships with local stakeholders & relevant partners.
  • Recruit one member from each Festival to attend the Annual Conference.
  • Make relevant press announcements on local Festival and Cultural Event matters having first cleared them with the Executive Director in advance.

Expenses Defrayal Policy:

In the course of their annual work, the following process will allow the post holder to cover the costs of their transport, phone, email, communications and some postage for the role.

30% of all NEW membership fees lodged at bank; payable 20 days after lodgement .

IF the Regional Officer can recruit over 25 festival memberships in a year i.e. €200 x 25 = €5,000 – a payment of €1,500 will accrue.

If the Regional Officer can recruit between 26 and 40 festival memberships in year the 30% payment towards expenses plus 2 nights accommodation and food at Annual Conference will accrue.

If the Regional Officer can recruit over 41 festival memberships in year the 30% payment towards expenses plus 2 nights accommodation and food at Annual Conference, plus attendance (economy flight and 2 star hotel accommodation and delegate fees) for an IFEA Europe Behind the Scenes will accrue.

Costs for attendance to meetings or other such activities must be included in this arrangement.

The Membership Development Committee –will provide the training, oversight and support to the post holders.

The Membership Development Committee –will in accordance with mapping and practicalities of not interfering with Affiliate Member programmes – allocate the Regional Territory to the post holder and make the official announcements.

For further details, enquiries or clarifications please contact Colm Croffy at 087 2215406

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