Have Your Festival Voice Heard For Next Year’s European Year of Cultural Heritage

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Governor Jan Briers of the European Festivals Association

The European Year of Cultural Heritage sees a great opportunity for Irish Festivals and Events to get involved with the European board for extra growth. The funding opportunities are also worth considering if you're looking to grow your festival.

In preparation for, and during the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, the European Festivals Association (EFA) are inviting members to highlight their historical and current role in their area and their role in bringing visitors and audiences to regions in Europe. Festival members are invited to look into how the work of festivals is bringing to life our common knowledge of Europe's places. This reflection will contribute to a generalised awareness of how culture has played an important role throughout the ages to reflect society, contribute to the enlightening of mentalities and even effect change.

To be a catalyst of this message, EFA is launching now a number of activities to be intensely promoted throughout 2018:

EFA Festival in Focus

EFA members, you, are at the origin of many visitors coming to your city. We would like to invite festival colleagues and visitors of EFA’s communication channels to look into your historical and current role in your city, your region and in your environment and bring it into an international and historical perspective. For that, we are setting up a series of interviews with you, conducted by writer and broadcaster Simon Mundy. We will make sure that the interviews and spotlights on you will be accessed through various websites and portals, including the European Commission’s activities during the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EC site dedicated to the EYCH as well as in other media dedicated to the EYCH).

Festival Faces Portraits – phase II
An institution (a festival), is dreamt up, envisioned, planned and implemented by you: the people behind each festive gathering artists and audiences. After the positive feedback from the first round (from externals as well as from within the festivals’ community), we’re launching a new and improved edition with new questions and a much easier and faster approach to recording and communicating the short videos. Read here the new questions and the improvements to the process.

Arts Festival Summit 2018 – Ljubljana 11 to 14 April 2018
Following a successful first edition of the Arts Festivals Summit 2017 in Rheingau hosted by the Rheingau Musik Festival, the Ljubljana Festival invites the Festivals’ community eye-to-eye to Ljubljana, including EFA members, The Festival Academy Alumni, EFFE Label recipients, EFFE Hubs and international Jury as well as representatives from cities (through Eurocities), national tourism boards, UNESCO, Chambers of commerce, the European Commission as well as the Council of Europe for the annual EFA Arts Festivals Summit. Our topic: the (Herit)Age of the Arts: Audience development and Cultural tourism in the heart of the places. You will receive the official invitation in your mail shortly and can already pencil in these dates. We look forward to meeting and exchanging with you in Ljubljana!

Future Heritage Ambassadors
Heritage is made today. EFA aims to gather festival programmers who are supporting contemporary creation in a platform for co-producing and co-programming contemporary creations.

EFA wants to collaborate with its members in their path to enlarging their already existing personal networks and stimulate encounters and discussions that can result in the meeting of great minds that will fly off with a joint creation, a joint tour, a joint dream.


If you are looking for your festival to get involved with EFA and the Year of Cultural Heritage campaign, you can contact the AOIFE team to see what we can do for you!

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