Membership Benefits

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As a Festival and Event Organizer you are encouraged to join AOIFE to begin enjoying the many benefits associated with that membership.

1. Discounted Specialist Festival/Event insurance through Event Insure.

2. There are multiple networking and educational opportunities where you benefit from the knowledge of ecah other, as well as industry leaders locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

3. A telephone Helpdesk for all your Festival and Event issues.

4. International and National awards program recognising achievement and excellence in festival, special event and marketing activities.

5. Social Media marketing to over 300,000+ visitors annually including overseas marketing to USA, Asian and European Festivals & Audiences.

6. Mentoring and Research as well as an Infomative E-Zine.

7. Single resource for acts, performers and professional ideas through our linkages to networks in UK, USA, Europe and the world.

8. Placement Partnering - helping you find 3rd level Student Trainees for your organisation.

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