5 Incredible Festival Blogs You Should Be Following

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It’s fairly easy to get pigeonholed into the wonderful world of EDM festivals when there is an event going on every other weekend. From Vegan festivals to that of a Thai festival where there are people piercing their cheeks as a celebration, these guys are all over the world discovering and bringing to light the most diverse of festivals. Brace yourself to break your electronic music festival bubble and tour the world with these 5 festival blogs you need to be following:

1. Fest300


With a cascading epidemic of blogs embracing the TMZ of EDM mantra, Fest300 pushes the boundaries of music festivals and showcases a side of festive gatherings not seen floating around the interwebs too often. From the Cannabis Cup to the Roswell UFO Festival in Mexico, Fest300 has taken it upon themselves to curate the funnest, craziest, and most intense festivals and bring them to light. Music, film, food, rituals, you name it, Fest300 is on it. These guys are festival and travel experts that will bring the experience to YOU.

2. The Festival Lawyer


“Be safe, Have Fun” says the festival lawyer. Part festival goer, part criminal defense attorney, Cameron Bowman combined his 2 passions and created his online column called “Festival Lawyer.” His main focus is to bring you real world experience and advice for any kind of encounters you may have with the police as you festival. He also writes about harm reduction and many other issues that the festival-goer community frequents. Tipping my hat to you sir for writing about what everyone else is afraid to!

3. The Festive Owl


Festive Owl is a festival blog with an edge. These festive owls manage to creep through the noise of the world and find rumored information pertaining to electronic music festivals. Did you ever hear any news that Bassnectar was headlining Electric Forest this year? These guys were the ones to break the news. On top of that, their logo is an owl which is pretty damn cool considering all festival-goers alike are owls partying across the night in human form.

4. The Festival Guy


“Over the last three years I have lived my dream to the tune of over 48 festivals, totaling over 180 festival days, including three trips to Burning man,” says the festival guy. His story is really inspirational considering he gave up the average lifestyle to chase that of a touring artist, except for festivals. He brings to life the ethos of a festival by demonstrating his experiences comparable to that of someone with a general admission ticket. He also writes about incredibly useful topics like How To Use Your Cell Phone At A Festival and Why It’s OK to sleep. You hear that night owls?

5. Festival Bytes


So there is a European Festival Association (EFA) and they have launched a writing initiative called Festival Bytes. Here, writers showcase European festival on a more cultural level with diverse perspectives on a broad range of arts and festival related topics. The best part about this is that most articles are written on an extremely formal level making it easily relatable, personal, and fun. Learn about the latest trends, ideas, and gain new insight on the world of festivals across the world.

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